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Total Dental Milling Solution

Since 2007 NEXXUS focused on testing and improving CAD/CAM related machine from small desktop models to large industrial sizes.
Digital Dental CAD/CAM field is ever changing its dynamics through rapid innovation but special CAD/CAM Milling process is
having difficult time adapting this trend.

Without the systematic and durable and precise CNC Machine manufacturing of handling CAD/CAM,
it is likely to Loss and stress accumulation of people working at Laboratory.
Right choose the Durable and Precision CAD/CAM Milling Solution that dental lab or dentists office to maximize their productivity and efficiency
is the Key to success for all dental industry in future.

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High-Quality Dental CAD/CAM Milling

Total Milling Solution
NEXXUS is aim to provide highest customer satisfaction in all our services and products we sell to our customers.

From initial unit set-up to final product delivery, through all hands on deck approach, enabling our customers to produce highest quality product with most effective and efficient method available to maximize ROI (Return of Investment).

NEXXUS Machine Solution
Manufactured with most innovative design technology and materials to deliver superior durability far exceeding industry standards.

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CAD/CAM stands for “computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing”. It is through the use of this technology that our dental lab team is able to provide you with a superior level of care when it comes to crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, veneers, and similar dental services.

NEXXUS CAM solution provides highly adaptable program format easy to assimilate with your existing milling equipment.

Through evolutionary technological improvement in precision milling and machining capabilities NEXXUS unit comes with pre-programmed next generation software upgrade.

NEXXUS is ready to release highly sophisticated digital technology solution easily transform and improve current lab milling and machining processes.

Advanced 4-hour training and Special 4-hour training provided by NEXXUS is sufficient to produce high quality final aesthetic products.